Copyright owners are entitled to take legal action against persons who infringe their copyright. A reproduction of material that is protected by copyright may be a copyright infringement. Certain dealings with copyright will not constitute an infringement, including:

  • A reproduction that is a fair dealing under the Copyright Act 1968, including a fair dealing for the purposes of research or study; or
  • A reproduction that is authorized by the copyright owner.

It is a fair dealing to make a reproduction for the purposes of research or study, of one or more articles on the same subject in a periodical publication, or, in the case of any other work, of a reasonable portion of a work.

In the case of a published work in hard copy form that is not less than ten pages and is not an artistic work, ten per cent of the number of pages, or one chapter, is a reasonable portion.
In the case of a published work in electronic form only, a reasonable portion is not more than, in the aggregate, ten per cent of the number of words in the work.
More extensive reproduction may constitute fair dealing. To determine whether it does, it is necessary to have regard to the criteria set out in subsection 40 (2) of the Act.
Any photocopying or printing to be made in this Library can only be used for the purposes of research, private study, criticism or review. In case any unauthorized photocopying takes place, the Library has the right to disallow immediately the user from making any copy and shall hold the user liable on an indemnity basis for any claims, liabilities, costs and damages this Library may suffer as result of such infringement.

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